Seoul  Entrepreneurs

Seoul Entrepreneurs

Purpose of Seoul Startup Network is to promote a culture of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Seoul and become a people connector, both locally and globally.

Seoul Entrepreneurs

<p>Welcome to Seoul Startup Network! Whether you are just starting your first idea or are working on your number one-hundred, the Seoul Startup Network's goal is to develop a network of people with great ideas and people who would like to benefit from such ideas through collaboration. Seoul Startup Network is for advisors, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, job seekers, mentors, and everyone else interested in benefiting from the startup businesses.</p><p>Seoul Startup Network members include but are not limited to: </p><p>startups entrepreneurs, small business owners, mentors, advisors, angel and accredited investors, venture capital managers, crowdfunding experts, and people looking to enjoy the many benefits of being part of startup culture! "</p>

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